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Donna Brazile

Photo: ABC/Heidi Gutman


Donna is currently an ABC News contributor and was formerly a contributor to FOX News and CNN. She was the recipient of a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Program for Good Morning America and was a member of the Peabody Award-winning “Best Political Team on Television” on CNN. Her writing appears in such outlets as USA Today, The Hill, and theGrio. Check out some of her recent media appearances and opinion pieces here.


November 9, 2023


Republican presidential candidates propose unrealistic policies in third debate

October 25, 2023

The Hill

Titanic Trump: Co-defendants flee sinking MAGA ship

October 24, 2023


Four hours. That’s how long Tom Emmer’s candidacy for speaker lasted. Remember that in November 2024

October 12, 2023

The Hill

Red or blue, Democrats have grand plans for diverse voters in your state

October 18, 2023


Republicans place incompetence on display as they fail to elect a House speaker

October 11, 2023


Biden is right to stand with Israel and against terrorism

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